2022 JAMB Novel: “The Life Changer” Chapter 1 Summary.

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Introduction to The Life Changer

Khadijat Abubakar Jali’s “The life changer” explores several narratives of life on campus. The text uses the voice of Ummi to narrate various campus challenges. The narration follows the adventures of Salma and her roommates in the university as they journey through social and academic upheaval.

The life changer explicitly cuts across the changes that follow a person’s life in the university. The university is known to be a mystery to people who have never experienced it. This text shows the need for parental guidance and counselling in a new world where freedom is tied to many complexities such as temptation, lies, distrust, betrayal, bad association, crime, bribery and corruption, abuse of social media etc.

10 Facts About The Life Changer (Jamb 2021 Novel)

1. It was written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

2. It has 9 Chapters and 79 pages.

3. It is based on Campus Life.

4. The story is centered around Salma and Experiences.

5. The Author studied Mathematics Education and is the CEO of Boutique Afrique.

6. The Author dedicated the book to her 5 children; Zahra, Najwa, Basma, Sodiq and Farha.

7. The Storyteller (Ummi) first child was Omar (18 years), the second child was Teemah, the third was Jamila and the last born was Bint (5 years).

8. The admission gained by Omar was The Life Changer and that’s where the name of the novel is coined.

9. The novel is full of grammar, especially in Chapter One.

10. You can finish the Life changer Novel in less than 4 hours.

The Life Changer Chapter 1 Summary


¶ Waiting for dad.

¶ Mint’s story about her meddlesome social studies teacher.

¶ Mom (Ummi) eavesdropping and joining the discussion.

¶ Omar’s admission into Abu Zaria.
No light for two days and the generator was bad.

¶ Going outside for fresh air and sipping zobo.

¶ Omar’s need to get a Phone.

¶ Admission as the Life Changer.

They were waiting for Dad… Omar (The First Son) wasn’t at home either. Mom (Ummi) was outside while three of her children Teemah, Jamila and Bint were in the room talking and laughing.

The laugher drew their mother’s (Ummi) attention and she tried to listen to what they were discussing. Behold, it was Bint (5 years old and the last born) who was telling the other two girls what happened in her school.

This was the story, Bint’s Teacher (Mallam Salihu) asked the class how to say Good morning in French. The class was silent until Bint answered that Good morning in french is Bonjour. Bint then asked the teacher, how do we say very good in French? The Teacher could not answer.

To ensure he doesn’t mislead the pupils, Mallam Salihu went out to call the French teacher who answered the question; C’est tres bien means very good in French. Bint looked at the French teacher who answered the Question in admiration.

The Pupils surround Bint and started clapping and singing going around her because she asked a question the teacher could not answer.

The mom then entered the room to join them and the conversation got animated (Full of life, exciting, lively). Ummi claimed that it was better for the teacher to call someone else than to give the wrong answer. However, Bint didn’t agree. According to Bint, the teaching claims he knows too much.

Ummi then said, what if the teacher had told you that au revoir means very good? Meanwhile, it is how to say goodbye until we meet again in French?

While they were still gisting, Omar came in to break the news that he has been given admission to study Study Law at the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

The mom was very happy about the admission and also considering the fact that Omar’s dad had the dream to study Law but didn’t work out. Ummi then told Omar that Admission is THE LIFE CHANGER. That is where the name of the Novel The Life changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli was gotten.

Note The Following in Chapter One:

1. The room was hot in chapter one because No light for two days and the generator needed repair.

2. Teemah sells Zobo.

3. Until now, he had been ensconced in this Lafayette community.

4. Omar and Teemah were cat and rat.

5. Admission is a life changer; it changes you and your life.

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