JAMB 2022: “The Life Changer” Chapter 2 Summary And Likely Questions & Answers.

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This post contains JAMB Novel 2022 “The Life Changer” Chapter 2. The novel contains 9 chapters, in one of the previously published article of Examclass, we’ve made the chapter 1 of The Life Changer available.

If you’ve not read The Life Changer Chapter 1 kindly check the recommended link below:

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¶ University as a Life Changer.

¶ Salma Mohamad’s beauty and story.

¶ The Queue for Registration at the University.

¶ The young lecturer and Salma.

¶ Ummi collecting Matriculation number at the HOD’S Office (Samuel Johnson PhD).

¶ The Quiet Neighbour (Talle).

Note the Following from Chapter Two.

1. University students are carefree.

2. You don’t wear uniforms at the university (except law, social works and very few).

3. Ummi Ahmad was the full name of the Story teller.

4. According to Salma, If you are a boy they ask you for money, and if you are a girl they ask you for a date.

5. Ummi’s matriculation number was UG0001.

6. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

7. The storyteller believes you shouldn’t say things you are not asked.

The Life Changer Chapter 2 Summary

Ummi was from the community of lafayette. she gained admission to study in the university.Ummi’s
father and her husband contracted the marriage before ummi would go for her registration in the university.

ummi’s first shock in the university was the carefree attitudes of the student and the fact that everybody wore casual wears so it was difficult to tell the difference between lecturers and students.

she went further to tell Omar that law students were an exception wearing white shirts and black trouser, then she asked not to be interfered.

Salma was a fair complexioned girl,tall slim and bursty.Salma’s tight dress and sunshades made her appearance formidable.

ummi’s first experience with salma was at the registration office.

salma was last and barely 15mins on the queue. out of fraustration she started grumbling about how heartless the lecturers in the university can be.

salma engaged in a conversation with a young man(lecturer) where she told him how policeman
were better than lecturers. she claimed that to get easy access to anything you need to pay.The guys you bring money the ladies you date them.

John was the man cleaning the registration office.

Salma went to the departmental office where she met the HOD MR Samuel Johnson. He was very young,had tribal marks(signifying ancestral betrayal) and a Yoruba person.

MR samuel johnson issued the Matric number :UGoo1 to Ummi.

Ummi’s general experience in the departmental offfice was terrible, bringing back memories of Salma’s experience.

She hated three things;the fact that the HOD called her dear,his admiration towards her attire and finally the comment “You are better than i imagined” which made her use the Toilet excuse.

Salma finished all her registration by 4 o’clock, where she entered a tricycle(keke na pep) and went home to prepare a meal for her Husband(was not back from work at the moment)

Mr Samuel Johnson is a friend of Ummi’s husband and helped him in ummi’s admission.

The Life Changer Chapter 2 Likey Questions & Answers.

The Story of Ummi and university as a life changer.

1. What was Salma’s Physical appearance?

Answer: Salma was a fair complexioned girl, tall, slim and rather busty.

2. What does Selma believe about Lecturers?

Answer: University Lecturers take money from boys and ask girls on a date.

3. Why was the HOD close to Ummi

Answer: She knows her husband very well and was even the one who worked her admission.

4. Why was the People of Lafayette happy?

Answer: Because their daughter Ummi was going to the University.

5. What was the first thing that struck Ummi in school?

Answer: The carefree attitude of University students.

6. According to Ummi, when should you call someone dear

Answer: Only when they mean something to you.

7. After registration, when did Salma and Ummi meet again?

Answer: A few months later

8. Describe the Secretary to the HOD

Answer: She was busy hitting at the computer, a very focused person and a woman of few words.

9. What did Ummi and her husband conclude?

Answer: The recalcitrant male will also misbehave irrespective of what the woman wears.

10. What tribe and religion was the HOD, Dr Samuel Johnson.

Answer: Christian and Yoruba Man.

Words Used in Chapter 2 – The Life Changer

1. The young men around were openly ogling —stair, look lustfully.

2. …ineptitude of the registration officers — lack of skill or ability.

3. I just find your allegation a trifle sweeping – treat someone in a way that lacks proper respect or seriousness.

4. I found his endearing salutation slightly discomforting – inspiring affection.

5. The kind of things I heard Salma say about university lecturers filled me with foreboding – a feeling that something bad will happen; fearful apprehension.

6. I developed an instant, irrepressible feeling of claustrophobia – an irrational fear of confined spaces.

7. The recalcitrant male would always misbehave irrespective of what the woman wears – having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline.

8. I could not make head or tail of what he was blabbering about – Could not make of meaning out of it.

9. He was buried in the file before him – he was busy checking the file.

10. I was genuinely angry with this surreptitious overture – a secret approach.

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