JAMB 2024: “The Life Changer” Chapter 3 Summary And Likely Questions & Answers.

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Take Note of the Following from Chapter 3

1. Talle was naturally quiet but this increased when he lost is dad and step mom.

2. Talle was a driver at the local government office.

3. Tell is the holy-holy type.

4. Hiking was the district head.

5. “Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihir raji’un.” The Courtier said. Meaning It means from Allah we came and unto him is our returning

6. Talle and Zakki were arrested for a crime.

7. IPO stands for Investigating Police Officer.

8. The father reasoned that the kidnappers were amateurs.

The Life Changer Chapter 3 Summary

ummi’s husband apologized on her behalf after her experience with Samuel Johnson.

This chapter was directed particularly to omar not to trust anyone regardless of appearance.

The Hakimi is the overall ruler of the community.

Talle was the innocent and quiet one the chapter talked.He was born as a result of the medicine man’s(boka) intervention.

Talle was raised by his step-mother owing to the fact that his mother died.
After talle’s father and mothers death, he withdrew himself from activities making him a loner.

Talle was later involved with robbery and extortion, which raised his lifestyle a bit as the locals observed his demands rising more than usual.

over time, Talle was summoned by the head of district(Hakimi) to explain his source of wealth to which they did not get any usefull information.

Talle was apprehended by the police with the aid of zaki his accomplice who had chains on his hands and feet as the police brought him in.

they were involved in a kidnap case which went south as they were reported to the police.

According to the father of the boy they kidnapped they were amateurs(1 million to 250 k negotiation).

Tale was hand-cuffed and taken away from lafayette to the police station to do time.Although it was rumored that talle was found somewhere in the north doing shady,there was no evidence to proove it.

EMAL-stands for Examination malpractice and was the sole reason Salma was kicked out of the university.

The Life Changer Chapter 3 Likely Questions And Answers

1. Who was the formidable boka

Answer: traditional medicine man

2. What is the real name of the quiet one?

Answer: Talle

3. Where did the quiet one hear the police syrene?

Answer: Hakimi’s house.

4. Talle was guilty of which Crimes?

Answer: kidnapping, armed robbery and extortion.

5. How long did Talle and Zakki kidnap the little boy?

Answer: One week

6. How much did the kidnappers demand?

Answer: one million and later came down to two hundred and fifty thousand naira

7. What does EMAL stand for?

Answer: Examination Malpractice

8. What drove Salma out of the university

Answer: Examination Malpractice

9. Who was alone and had no one to consult or speak with?

Answer: Talle

10. Let your man spare me his Arabi lessons. Who made this statement?

Answer: The Policeman to the Courtier.

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