JAMB Mock Exam 2021: Things To Take Note Of During The Exam.

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By now, candidates eligible for the 2021 mock exam must have known that the exam is set for Thursday, June 3rd, 2021.

Nevertheless, if you are among those that will be writing the exam, please do take it seriously as you may likely pick one or two things that will help you and other candidates in the main examination.

Also, do not forget that other candidates that won’t be participating in the exam are depending on you for updates and relevant information concerning the conduct of the mock exam. So please take note of everything that is happening in your centre and keep us updated.


All candidates sitting the 2021 Mock examination scheduled for Thursday, 3rd June 2021 are advised to go to their assigned centres with N700. The amount would be paid to the Centre owner as the mock examination fee.

While in the hall, please take note of below;

1. Check if there are actually CCTV Cameras

2. Check if the systems are special in any way (maybe if there’s no mouse)

3. When you login to take an exam, check how the CBT environment is laid out.

4. Take note of some of the features of the interface like; the location of the time, Subject Navigation e.t.c.

5. Check if there is provision for the use of both Keyboard and Mouse.

6. Check the time given for the exam.

7. Check the number of questions given.

8. Finally, check if there is anything new with the whole process.

Ensure you arrive at your centre at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

If you are going to the exam with a phone or any electronic gadget, you may not be allowed to go into the hal with it. You may have to keep them somewhere safe outside the hall to avoid being punished or disqualified.

Lastly, do not forget to come back to Myschool to share your experiences. There will be a thread for that after the mock exam.


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