Method Hackers Are Using To Hack Facebook Accounts (be aware!).

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Let me go straight to the point, Hackers have now deviced a very smart means of Hacking Facebook accounts.

They will either use their own account or used an already hacked Facebook account to post enticing posts that bothers on sex, latest news or any other click bait ( first image below).

Then they will tell you for you to see more, follow a certain link.(second image below).

Once you click on that link you’ll be redirected to a certain webpage by blogger asking for your permission to continue access third image below)

If you proceed further you’ll then arrive at a page that looks similar to Facebook Login page (last Image blow),

BE WARNED, that Facebook login page that you will see is FAKE!, do not try to input your login details, if you do, say bye bye to your account.

That is a trap to get you to give away your details after which you will be logged out from your Facebook Account FOREVER!!, and password recovery or reset cannot help you. I don’t know what TECHNOLOGY is behind this but Shine your eyes and also spread the Word.

So many facebook users have lost their accounts of 6 to 8 years to these Hackers. Don’t be one of them

Please, If you have already surrendered your detail to these HOODLUMS and they haven’t logged you out yet, just quickly go and change your password if you know what’s good for you.

Stay Safe

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